Friday, May 15

"At Last"- a wedding kit

I am so excited to be debuting our new kit, At Last! For those of you who have made it to the altar, or the judge, or the beach or know the feeling of finally making that commitment to the person you searched so long to find. I remember when I married my husband I had the feeling of, "AT LAST!!" I had finally found the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Well, for those of you who have memories like that to celebrate, then this kit is for you! At Last is packed with beautiful papers and elements and you will be able to make many special pages from this one kit.

If you are indeed in need of this kit then don't wait to purchase it. It is 50% off until Sunday night, May 17th. You can buy the kit in whole or if some reason you don't want the entire kit you can get just what you need. I've broken the kit into different packs and those are on sale as well. You can find the kit here at Faith Sisters.

Now, for the really AWESOME news! When you buy the full kit through Sunday, you will receive a 6 page quick-page set for free! Now that is a great deal if I do say so myself. So, without wasting anymore of your precious time, I'll post the previews so you can take a look. I'll also show you a few layouts that the CT over at Faith Sister's put together.

I made this page - I've committed to scrapping pages
with my own kits so my personal scrapping won't
go by the wayside!

By Rhonda E.

Natalie C.

and last but not least, krispysky.

Well, that's it for now but I'll be back soon with a freebie for you! Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, May 2

Cropping a Two Page Layout for Gallery Posting or Printing

This is a really quick and easy tutorial for you but I thought I'd cover it since I enjoy creating two page spreads and alot of my templates will be two pagers. I had been scrapping quite a while before I learned this little technique and it sure would have saved me ALOT of time if I had know about it before. So here it is.

1) With your two page spread open go ahead and duplicate your document:

Image --> Duplicate (In Elements you will go to File-->Duplicate). I do this just in case something would go terribly wrong ;)

2)Choose Image --> Canvas Size : Change the width to 1/2 of the original size. (So if you have as 16" spread you will change it to 8".) Click on the LEFT anchor point as shown below.

3) Choose ok and save your page as a .jpg

4) In your History pallete step all the way back so that your page is once again its original size. Choose Image -->Canvas Size and enter the same dimensions but this time click on the right anchor point.

Friday, May 1

National Scrapbook Day

Well friends, National Scrapbook Day is here again! Can you believe it? I know you all have alot going on so I won't keep you but I wanted to share a freebie, a template challenge and a sale with you! I created this template for my template challenge over at Faith Sister's. If you participate in the challenges your name will go in the pot for a ton of fabulous prizes. If you don't have time to participate - no worries - you can find the template here until Sunday midnight! Also, check back by in a day or two because I'm going to share a quick way to crop a two-pager into two separate pages! I know that I had scrapbooked a long time before I knew there was a simple way to do this - so if you don't know about drop back by at the beginning of the week!

I also have put all my products on a 30% sale - all of them except my alphas which are dirt cheap anyway! So come check out my store!!